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The Abilene Computer Service - Remote Desktop Repair Service ("The service") is a paid remote computer repair service of Abilene Computer Service and as such is NOT free. To utilize this service you must agree to and accept the following:

  • The cost of the service is billed to you at $1.50 per minute (based on $90 per hour shop rate). You may be asked for a credit-card number and/or payment arrangements before your repair session begins. Failure to provide this information when asked will be cause to stop the session.
  • This is an interactive repair service and as such you must be available to your technician during the entire time a remote repair session exists. Failure to stay with your computer or to help the technician when requested will be cause to stop the session. If the session is stopped for your failure to attend - you will be charged to the point of work stoppage at our posted labor rate.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may be unable to complete repairs in a remote session and may require you to deliver your computer to our place of business for further repair or troubleshooting. Any payment you make for this remote repair service will be credited to your repair bill.

  • All remote repairs are warranted the same as our in-shop repairs. You may view and print a copy of our labor warranty HERE

    By clicking on the 'I accept" button Above, I state that I understand the terms of use of this service and that I expressly authorize Abilene Computer Service to remotley access my computer for the purpose of repairing my computer or providing requested services and that I will be charged at the normal Abilene Computer Service rates as listed at the time of service. I further authorize my credit card or Debit card to be charged for services rendered.